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Alternate clone url:
$ git clone git://
$ scons
$ scons -c
$ sudo scons install
$ sudo scons -c install
Build tests:
$ scons tests
Clean tests:
$ scons -c tests

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# Ocarina 6.5
Ocarina is a simple GTK+ and GStreamer based music player written to let you listen to your music without getting in the way.
### Git
Ocarina is tracked with Git, and can be cloned from the following sources:
* git://
##### Branches
* [master]
* The most recent release. This branch does not change frequently.
* [next]
* Changes that will be included in the next release. This branch is for testing and bugfixing.
### Building
Ocarina uses `cmake`to control the build process. After cloning the code, run `cmake .` to generate the Makefile. Compile using `make`
##### CMake Options
Ocarina supports the following options, which can be passed to `cmake` through `cmake -D<option>=<ON|OFF>`. For example, `cmake -DCONFIG_DEBUG=ON` would enable debugging.
* Compile with debugging symbols enabled
* Enable extra output when running unit tests
* Enable running GUI unit tests
* Enable unit tests that fetch album artwork
### Running
Once compiled, Ocarina can be run by invoking `bin/ocarina` on the command line.
##### Runtime options
The following options can be passed to Ocarina during startup
* -h, --help
* Print help message and exit
* -n, --next
* Tell a running Ocarina instance to play the next track
* - P, --pause
* Tell a running Ocarina instance to pause playback
* -p, --play
* Tell a running Ocarina instance to start playback
* -N, --previous
* Tell a running Ocarina instance to play the previous track
* -t, --toggle
* Tell a paused Ocarina instance to begin playback, or tell a playing Ocarina instance to pause.
* -v, --version
* Print Ocarina version and exit
### Installing
Running `make install` will install Ocarina for use by all users. There is currently no "uninstall" option.
### Testing
Running `make tests` will compile and run the Ocarina unit tests. See the CMake Options section above for additional testing options.