A GTK+ / GStreamer based music player
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- Add a switch to disable GUI tests
- Don't save and restore the "Last Played" tracks column width
- Save databases if they have been upgraded
- Don't duplicate tracks in the library after a defrag
- Remove "Add New ..." menubutton and replace with Add Library Path button
- Various UI tweaks
- Fix showing the first playlist in the list
- Fix memory leaks in core/
- Convert to CMake/CTest
- Save current track in settings database
- Add "Queued Tracks" playlist
- Add support for changing current playlist
- Hide empty playlists
- Save current position in playlists
- Set file version from Ocarina minor version
- Add support for defragmenting tag databases on startup
- Add user created playlists
- Add support for changing volume
- Remove Repeat button
- Various UI improvements
- Add command line options
- Enable idle processing when tracks are played to update dynamic playlists
- Use a single GtkTreeModelFilter instance for displaying tracks
- Use a single GuiQueueModel instance for displaying tracks
- Reduce use of database entry index accesses
- Reduce the size of the track tag
- Fix memory corruption when adding new library playlists
- Use Enter key to accept new library paths
- Remove deleted tracks from artist playlists
- File chooser selects user's music directory
- Remove deleted tracks from artist playlists
- Allow filtering specific fields
- Replace filtering with a token matching system
- Clean up system playlist code
- Load each artist playlist in a separate idle task
- UI spacing improvements
- Remove stack widget from UI
- Add Library Path playlists
- Add Artist playlists
- Fix memory leak in __playlist_name()
- Remember search text when changing displayed playlist
- Filter can use GHashTables directly
- Filter can store track pointers instead of indexes
- Remove unused set and index classes
- Convert Collection into a playlist
- Convert History into a playlist
- Let tests run without fetching album art
- Don't try to read data from nonexistant playlists
- Show hidden folders when selecting new images
- Add preview widget to album art chooser dialog
- Fix blurry album art
- Reduce time spent polling for album art
- Split album art code into a new file
- Fix PKGBUILD dependencies
- Implement generic playlist layer
- Implement separate queues for each playlist, including dynamic playlists
- Remove core/containers/queue
- Add idle progress as a tooltip.
- Initialize track labels with the correct initial size
- Initialize album part with the correct size
- Gui spacing updates
- Write data files to a temporary file first, then rename
- Add support for writing files to the user's XDG_USER_CACHE_DIR
- Add idle tasks that run in a new thread
- Fetch album art
- GtkPaned spacing improvements
- Load files and databases using the idle queue
- Switch over to using the glib g_random_int_range() function
- Improve track average play count calculation
- Enable bolding the current track in the GtkTreeView
- Enable GtkTreeView fixed-height mode
- Fix bug where temporary queues don't save
- Fix bug where a queue is not selected on startup
- Fix bugs related to scrolling on track change
- Rewrite GtkTreeView code
- Save and Restore treeview column widths
- Only have a single GtkTreeView instance
- Finish conversion of Ocarina to C
- Don't reenable tempqueues when restarting
- Control automatic pausing with a GtkComboBox
- Move current position slider into the top section
- Update tooltips on various buttons
- Various UI tweaks
- Swap position of random/repeat and favorite/hide buttons
- Rewrite our custom GtkTreeModel and add tests
- Move shuffle and repeat buttons into the sidebar
- Remove stop button
- Move collection enabled checkboxes into a right click menu
- Various UI tweaks (Thanks to Colin Fulton for helping here)
- Convert window code to C
- Convert collection gui code to C
- Convert playlist gui code to C
- Add sidebar and hide notebook tabs
- Block audio accelerator keys if a GtkEntry widget has focus
- Various UI tweaks
- Add changelog
- Add generic settings functions
- Convert code using GTK+ builder to C
- Convert audio code to C