A GTK+ / GStreamer based music player
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Ocarina 6.5

Ocarina is a simple GTK+ and GStreamer based music player written to let you listen to your music without getting in the way.


Ocarina is tracked with Git, and can be cloned from the following sources:

  • [master]
  • The most recent release. This branch does not change frequently.
  • [next]
  • Changes that will be included in the next release. This branch is for testing and bugfixing.


Ocarina uses cmaketo control the build process. After cloning the code, run cmake . to generate the Makefile. Compile using make

CMake Options

Ocarina supports the following options, which can be passed to cmake through cmake -D<option>=<ON|OFF>. For example, cmake -DCONFIG_DEBUG=ON would enable debugging.

  • Compile with debugging symbols enabled
  • Enable extra output when running unit tests
  • Enable running GUI unit tests
  • Enable unit tests that fetch album artwork


Once compiled, Ocarina can be run by invoking bin/ocarina on the command line.

Runtime options

The following options can be passed to Ocarina during startup

  • -h, --help
  • Print help message and exit
  • -n, --next
  • Tell a running Ocarina instance to play the next track
    • P, --pause
  • Tell a running Ocarina instance to pause playback
  • -p, --play
  • Tell a running Ocarina instance to start playback
  • -N, --previous
  • Tell a running Ocarina instance to play the previous track
  • -t, --toggle
  • Tell a paused Ocarina instance to begin playback, or tell a playing Ocarina instance to pause.
  • -v, --version
  • Print Ocarina version and exit


Running make install will install Ocarina for use by all users. There is currently no "uninstall" option.


Running make tests will compile and run the Ocarina unit tests. See the CMake Options section above for additional testing options.